Our story begins with Lauryn Hernandez, daughter of the once famous telenovela star, Maria Hernandez. Hernandez? You might be wondering why the Quinn family starts with someone different, but I can assure you it’s not a mistake, and it will all make sense in due time. So please enjoy! For hose who are new to the legacy, click here for the chapter list.

1.12 Desperate Times


~Sabrina’s P.O.V~

Screenshot-265“Ethan, would you please pass the potatoes?” my father asked politely, and I tried to hide the smile on my face. Justin and Cassidy were over for dinner. Let’s just say my parents were a little on edge. Justin was the first guy, in the two years they’d known me, that I had brought home. Justin was very good at small talk and he quickly had my family charmed. Even Ethan, who was in a bit of a surly phase, thought he was cool. Cassidy spoke up, causing my musings to end, “Sabrina, could I have some more of the Scooby Corbanaro.” I smiled at her, before passing the Goopy Carbonara to Justin. He nudged her, “What do you say?” She sighed heavily, before elbowing him in the ribs gently,
“Thank you.” I nodded my head, before going back to the conversation.

Screenshot-279The room grew quiet when my phone began to trill loudly in the kitchen. I stood up, my cheeks red, “Excuse me, I’ll go turn that off.” I rushed into the kitchen, knowing that Justin was probably laughing. I grabbed my phone just in time to see Raj’s number flash on the screen. I nearly hung up on him, but it was the first time in three months since he just showed up in the driveway. Hesitantly, I answered, “Hello?”

“Lauryn….you answered…I wasn’t sure you’d pick up…..”

I groaned, “And…..?”

“Oh…uh….well I was going to tell you in the voicemail, but….here goes nothing…. Despite everything I’ve done to you, I can’t accept your forgiveness…the guilt is consuming my life. Every second I’m here, I just want to crawl inside a bottle and drown my sorrows. So…I’m calling to tell you I love you….and goodbye.”

Justin stuck his head in the kitchen but I held up my finger, “Raj, what do you mean goodbye? Where are you going?”

“I’m sorry, I really thought I could just leave a voicemail for you, but I can’t stop thinking about him and what I did. I can’t stand living anymore…..”

Screenshot-278I rushed past Justin, mouthing I’m sorry, “No, Raj, stay on the line with me, I’ll come see you to say goodbye, okay? Please don’t go anywhere yet. What’s your address?”

He hung up after assuring me that he wouldn’t do anything yet. I was putting on my coat when I remembered Justin. I was torn inside,. did I stay with Justin and finish my dinner, or make sure that Raj is alright. After everything we’ve been through, hell, despite,
what we’ve been through, I still felt this strong loyalty to him. I would never be in love with him again, but there was no way I could knowingly let him kill himself.  I took a deep breath, and prepared to face Justin, hoping by some miracle that he would understand.

Screenshot-277 I ran back to the kitchen, “I’m so sorry, hon. I can’t just let him kill himself. I know it’s hard to understand, but he saved my life….it’s only right that I save his.” Justin pulled my hand util we were standing on the outside porch, safely away from my parents hearing us, “Do you actually hear yourself, Sabrina?! This is the same man who shot you, and killed your unborn child.” My eyes flashed simultaneously, with an anger and hurt, “You think I don’t know that? I die inside every day when I wake up and think I hear my baby crying. You don’t think I’m upset? Sometimes I’m so mad at him, I just stand there shaking.”

Screenshot-276He looked at me incredulously, “Then how the hell, can you justify helping him?! The planet would be better off if he went through with it. What if he’s just trying to manipulate you into falling for him again.” I snorted in the most unladylike fashion, “How naive do you think I am, Justin? I don’t love him anymore, but I want to help him. It’s not his fault that he’s sick. My “mom”, Maria, had the same sickness, and wherever the hell she is, I’m sure she still does. I’m sorry if you can’t understand. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go stop him from killing himself.” Justin held on to my arm as I walked away, his voice hoarse with tears, “Sabrina, I’m falling for you……hard, but I can’t be with you if he’s a part of your life. Cassidy deserves better from me.” A sob escaped from my throat as I nodded, “I understand, Justin, I really do, but if I don’t help him, no one will.” He let go of my hand, a single tear running down his cheek.Screenshot-270

I could barely see through my tears as I drove to Raj’s house, if you could call it that, it was more of a shack. I knocked softly before pushing on the door, “Raj? Are you in here?” I stepped inside, but I could barely stop from gagging on the smell. It was dirty, and it smelled as if he hadn’t bathed in weeks. My eyes adjusted to the dim lights before I saw him leaning against the wall, “Raj?” His eyes popped open, and I saw the gleam of the gun in his hand. He lifted his hand shakily, beckoning me closer, and I inched my way towards him. He hung his head and began sobbing, “I can’t do this anymore, baby. I’m so tired….Please let me go….” I shook my head before pulling him close to me, ignoring the urge to gag. I held his face in my lap, stroking his hair, and humming softly. He loosened his grip on the gun, but it was still out of my reach.

He held his head up and focused his gaze on me, “What did you name him?”

I whispered in his ear, “Baby, let’s not talk about that, okay? It’s in the past.”

He grunted, “No! Before I die, I need to know my sons name…”

Screenshot-271I held my hand out, “Raj, after what happened to us, I went to a shelter, and while there, I met with a therapist almost every day. She really changed my life, and I think she could help you too.”

He shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t need a shrink….I have my sponsor.”

I smiled, “That’s right, but I bet you, he would say the same thing to you. Raj, I’ll tell you our son’s  name, but first, you need to get some rest.” He moved away from me, “I’m not a child, don’t mother me,” but he made his way towards the bedroom. I held out my hand, “Raj, you don’t need your gun if you’re asleep, alright? Let’s put it here on the counter….good job…now lets get you in the tub for a nice, steamy shower, okay? It’ll help you feel better.”Screenshot-280.jpg

He nodded slowly, following me into the bathroom. I turned on the shower, and grabbed him a fresh towel. As he began to undress, I let him have his privacy. I made my way into the bedroom before stripping the bed. I managed to find a clean sheet, and some comfy pajamas for him. I knocked on the door, before sliding the clean clothes under the door, “I’ll be in the bedroom when you’re done, okay?” I heard him sigh sadly, but I made myself sit on the  bed and wait.

When he emerged as a cleaner, fresher man, I smiled gently, “Feels good, huh?” Again, he nodded slowly, but said nothing. He laid down on his pillow and stared at the ceiling. I laid next to him, putting my hand on his forehead, “After I got out of the hospital, I didn’t get out of bed for at least two weeks. Not a night went by that I wanted to die, just to be able to hold our son, but you know what kept me going?”, I waited for him to respond, but he just turned his head to look at me so I continued, “My roommate at the time, Stella, she was such a happy, perky person, and she used to talk to me when I was holed up in bed. Even when I didn’t answer, she would tell me about herself, ask me how my day was. Her life was way worse than mine, and yet, here she was this cheerful and optimistic person. If her life could get better, so could mine………and yours too.” I looked over at Raj. His eyes were filled with tears, and he whispered, “I’m so sorry….” I held him close, “I know, baby, I know you are. Why don’t you try to sleep and when you wake up, we’ll go see the doctor together, okay?” His eyelids were trying to fight the urge to sleep, but I rubbed his forehead, just as my “mom” used to do to me when I couldn’t sleep. Once he was snoring softly, I tiptoed into the kitchen. I grabbed the gun off of the counter, before walking outside and tossing it in the neighbor’s trash. I hurried back inside, calling 911, “911, what your emergency?”

Screenshot-272“Hi, my….uh….friend is suicidal, and I managed to get him to sleep, but I’m worried he’ll do something if I leave him. What do I do?”

“You are a great friend, ma’am. When he wakes up, take him to the Sunset Valley Emergency room, and they’ll keep him there for 36 hours or until they feel that he is not a threat to himself.”

“Sounds good. Thank you.”

I waited in the house, cleaning up what I could, until Raj woke up, almost four hours later. I got him to get dressed before driving him to the hospital. As we waited in the waiting room, he sighed deeply, “You never told me his name.” I winced internally, but nodded soothingly. An orderly came over to us, and began to escort Raj to a wheelchair. Raj turned around to me, refusing to move. I took his hand and leaned close to his ear, “I named him Christopher Franklin Kishvi.” Raj broke down into sobs as they wheeled him away. I walked out of the hospital, my whole body trembling. It seemed like it took an eternity to drive home, but when I made it through the front door, my mother took one look at my face and pulled me into her arms. It was only then that I began to sob and cry.






1.11 Blissfully Uneventful…Ha!


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~Sabrina’s P.O.V.~


Screenshot-250The low grumble of Justin’s voice woke me from my cat nap. I stretched my arms, yawning, “How long was I out for?”

He laughed, ” Long enough for me to catch three amazing waves on my board.”

I sat up, “Oh, I’m so sorry, Justin. I’m not bored, I promise. Just tired. This must be the worst date you’ve ever been on. I promise I’m not usually so boring.”

Justin waved me off, “Don’t even worry about it. On my wife and I’s second date, she sneezed right into my mouth as I kissed her for the first time. It was pretty gross.”

I laughed softly before falling quiet, and he did the same before saying, “I made this awkward, huh? By talking about my dead wife on the first date. I guess we’re both excellent at dating, right?”

I laughed softly again, “Tell me about her, I don’t mind.”

Screenshot-251.jpgHe laid back against the sand but turned to look at me, “When I first saw her, she had the most amazing smile. You could be having the worst day of your life, but the moment you saw her, all your troubles would melt away. We met at our college orientation. She was leading the freshman group I was in. It wasn’t until the spring semester that I worked up the nerve to ask her out. Three years later, she became my wife.”

I rolled onto my side to face him, “She sounds adorable, I wish I could have met her. I think we would have been friends.”

Screenshot-252He leaned in close, lingering dangerously near my face, “Sabrina, I’d very much like to kiss you right now.” I nodded slowly before his lips met mine. With a passion and tenderness I’d never felt before, Justin’s kiss sent my spine tingling. I’ll be honest, it was not a short kiss and when I pulled away, I couldn’t stop smiling.

For a while, we just sat next to each other, watching the sunset across the ocean. When it was time to pack up, Justin helped me to my car before leaning in to kiss me one more time. He grinned mischievously at me before opening the door for me, “Wanna join Cassidy and I for dinner on Sunday?” I smiled warmly, “Sure, but only if you agree to have dinner with me and my family on the following Sunday.” He laughed, “It’s a deal, Sabs.”

Screenshot-253.jpgWe parted with the promise of next weekend in the air. My spirits were high as I parked the car in the garage and made the short walk to the house. All of a sudden, chills ran down my spine as I spotted a figure standing at the top of the driveway. They were far enough away that I couldn’t see who it was, but I wasn’t about to let them know that. I bolted for the front door, but the voice stopped me in my tracks, “Wait, Lauryn. Don’t go.”

I whipped around and began to tremble, “Raj?”, before I walked closer to the hidden figure. He shrugged, looking completely different. Instead of his fancy suits, he wore some ratty old sweatpants and a t shirt. His face wasn’t as clean as I’d remembered. I whispered, “I must be dreaming, right?”

“Nope. I’m real.” His voice was low, and he sounded on the verge of tears.

Screenshot-255I surprised myself by throwing my arms around him, “I though you had died! I’m so happy that you’re alive! Why did they say you were dead?”

He hung his head, “Lauryn, I am so ashamed of the way I treated you. I had no right to smack you around or bully you. Hell! I shot you, Lauryn! I wish I could blame it on the alcohol, but I’m really just an asshole with a drinking problem.”

I nodded, before doing the last thing I ever expected to do, “I forgive you, Raj. I really do.”

Screenshot-259He closed his eyes and started bawling, “I’m so sorry. I woke up in the hospital, and I begged the doctor to tell you I was dead. I told him you were better off if I was dead. Once I was well enough to go home, I was arrested for battering you, and I spent 6 months in Sunset Valley Correctional Facility. You’re probably wondering why I’m here now, and why I’m telling you this.” I nodded softly before he continued, “I’m 2 years sober now, and I go to meetings every day. Part of the reason I’m here is because one of the twelve steps is to make amends, and I just wanted you to know how truly sorry I am, Lauryn.”

I took his hands in mine, “So much has happened in the 2 years that we’ve been apart. First things first, I found out that I was kidnapped by our family’s housekeeper and my name is Sabrina.” I laughed at the shocked look on his face, “I know, imagine how felt.”

Screenshot-264Raj smiled for a second, while I still tried to wrap my mind around the fact that Raj was alive and standing in front of me. When he cleared his throat, I shook my head a little, “I’m sorry, what did you ask?”

He grew serious, “I know that I have no right to ask this, but did the baby survive?” My eyes filled with tears, and I shook my head, “No. He died before I made it to the hospital.”

Screenshot-262Raj started crying again, “It was a boy?” I nodded before wiping my own tears away, this was too much. Emotionally, and physically, “Raj, I’m glad you’re okay, but I think it’s time you left. I need some space to process this, and I think you do too.”

He nodded understandingly, “Laur-..umm Sabrina? Here’s my new number, in case you need anything.” He handed me his card, and walked off down the road.



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1.10 The Little Memories That Make Life Great

gen1-cover~Sabrina’s P.O.V.~

Screenshot-237.jpgI growled in frustration as my phone buzzed for the billionth time. I hardly glanced down, knowing it would be from Nicolai, but not really caring anymore. You’d think he would have gotten the hint after 20 unanswered voicemails and three times that in unanswered texts and emails. It had been cute at first, but it soon began to annoy me to no end. Just as I was about to turn off my phone, it began to ring, I groaned but was presently surprised to see Justin’s name pop up. We had  grown to be close friends after our skating encounter in the park, I answered happily, “Hello?”

With shrieks of joy in the background, Justin’s panicked tone reached me, “Hey, Sabrina. I need your help. There are 6 little girls at my house and I have absolutely no idea what to do with them.”

I chuckled, “Why are you whispering?”

“Uh….I’m not sure. So any thoughts?”

I smiled, “I think I know just the thing. It;s going to be a hot one later today, so sprinklers on in the yard are always fun. Let’s see…… I got it! I’ll come drop off my old makeup stuff and they can mess around with it and give each other makeovers. Until I get there, why don’t you pop some popcorn and let your daughter pick out a movie and they can pretend they’re at the movies.”

“Yeah…okay, I like it! Ok…oh would you mind swinging by Carlo’s and picking up some pizzas?”

“Sure thing. I’ll see you soon.”

Screenshot-233.jpgIn record time, I grabbed my makeup, picked up the pizza and was on my way to Justin’s house. I yelled angrily as someone shot out in front of my car. I slammed on the brakes, and barely stopped in time. The guy turned to face me, and I saw his face light up…Nicolai

He blocked me as I tried to drive off, knowing I couldn’t go around him due to oncoming traffic. He tapped on my window and I nearly growled at him, “What do you want, Nicolai?” He grinned at me, “Baby, I miss you. Why won’t you answer me?”

I snapped at him, “Your pouty baby voice is not cute, Nicolai, it just shows you for the spoiled rotten, elf-centered, celebrity that you are. Now please take a hint and leave me alone!” He opened his mouth to pleaded with me, but I pressed the horn until he turned and walked away. As soon as he was gone, I sped off towards Justin’s house, trying to put the whole thing behind me.

Screenshot-229.jpgWhen I left later that evening, Justin walked me out to my car, even though I insisted I was fine. We got closer to my car, only to see that my window had been smashed by a rock with a note attached. You’ll be sorry, it read. Justing grabbed my hand and pulled me away, “What’s that about, Sabrina? Is someone bothering you?”

I tried not to smile at how much he cared as I sighed, “No, it’s just a stupid guy who won’t take a hint. Honestly, he’s harmless, and I’ll be fine.”

He snorted indignantly, “Like hell you will, Sabrina! He threw a rock and broke your window. Something tells me he might be serious about this, okay? Just let me give you a ride home. It’ll help me sleep better tonight.”

I was stunned by his protectiveness, but I managed to think logically, “Justin, if you take me home, who’s going to watch the 6 sleeping six year-old you have inside?”

He nodded, “Well then I guess I’ll have 7 ladies sleeping over tonight.” I blushed furiously, thankful for the darkness that hid my face. I acquiesced and followed him into the house. He led me to the second guest room before showing me where the bathroom was. I thanked him shyly before flopping down onto the bed. I texted my mom to let her know where I was before falling into a fitful sleep.

Screenshot-232I was awoken in the morning by six tiny giggles and six loud thumps outside the door. Justin knocked softly, waiting for my reply before poking his head in the door, “Hey, I hate to make you sneak out, but I’d rather not have these girls telling their parents that I had a lady friend over while they were here, plus Cassidy might get the wrong idea. I have never had anyone else spend the night ever since….”

His voice trailed off and I nodded, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll just sneak out the back door and make sure that my car still works.”

He whispered his thanks before closing the door. I sat on the bed, wondering why there was this hurt feeling in my stomach. It’s not like we were together, and it’s not like I was sneaking out after a one-night stand type of thing. Why did it feel like he was so embarrassed by me? I shook my head, trying to remind myself that this wasn’t about me at all.

I made my way to my car without being seen, nearly crying when I realized that Justin had swept up all of the glass off my seat and around my car. There was a new note tucked into the windshield,

Sabs, Thank you for making the slumber party so amazing for Cassidy. You really saved my ass back there and I really appreciate it. I’d like to make it up to you sometime, maybe over coffee? Text me when you get home, and we can set a date. Thanks again,


1.9 Skating Circles


Sabrina’s P.O.VScreenshot-223.jpg

I smiled as my phone rang the minute I stepped out of work, and I picked it up with a smile in my voice, “You’re not waiting around for me to call you, huh playboy?”

Nicolai chuckled, “Am I that obvious? In any case, I miss you, Sabs. When can I see you again?”

I shrugged, despite the fact that he couldn’t see me, “I dunno. I think we need to let this cool off a bit, Nick. I told you I wasn’t looking for serious, and this is feeling a little more serious every time we hang out. I like you, but I’m not ready for commitment yet.”

With a sigh, he hung up, promising to call back every day until I said yes. I shook my head and turned the corner to the parking lot. I pulled out and made my way into town. I had been dying for them to finish the construction on the new roller rink in the park. When I got there I pulled out my skates and made a beeline for the rink. I knelt down, glad no one was around before touching the glossy smooth surface, not yet roughened up by hundreds of skaters. After a moment, I slid out onto the rink. I was pretty shaky at first, but it soon came rushing back to me. When I was seven or so, Maria, my ex-mom, used to bring me to the roller rink of the guy she hooked up with. Of the rotating door of men in her life, this guys wasn’t so bad. He was still scum, but he was less scummy than his predecessors. He was the one who taught me to skate, teaching me all the little tricks and turns. I got pretty good, but then, like most things in my early life, it came to an end when my mom stole the money from the cash register. If I hadn’t been there, I’m sure she would have been in jail.

Screenshot-217.jpgI was so focused on my stroll down memory lane, that I had barely registered another skater on the rink. They came colliding into me, sending us both sprawling on the ground. It was not one of my finer moments. “Watch where you’re going,” I grunted as I stood up. I turned around to face them, stopping short when I saw it was a giant of a man. I began chuckling uncontrollably, before helping him back to his feet. He rolled his eyes, but I saw a grin playing at the corner of his mouth.

He stuck out his hand, “I’m sorry for running into you, ma’am.”

I shook his hand, “It’s alright. I’ve been hit worse. Call me Sabrina, ma’am is too weird.” He nodded, “I’m Justin.”

The conversation hit one of those awkward lulls, until I nodded towards his obviously new skates, “You learning to skate?”

He gestured to his feet, “Can’t you tell? I’m a professional,” he laughed, “Nah, I’m learning so that I can teach my little girl when she comes out to visit.”

I nodded understandingly, “How old is she?”

He smiled, pulling out his phone and showing me a picture, “She’ll be six next month.”

I shrugged uncomfortably, not wanting to pester this stranger with questions, so instead I began to skate slowly, “Well, Justin, we have a lot of work to do before you’re able to skate safely.”

He cocked his head to the side, “You’d really help me? You don’t even know me.” I just shrugged and we began to go over the basics. Eventually we made it to the middle, not using the bars at all. I held his hands with mine, ignoring the thoughts of how strong his hands seemed. He looked down at me, “Thank you for being so kind. My daughter is going to love this.”

Screenshot-214I nodded, before pushing on with the question that I had been biting back all day, “If I might be so bold, or nosy if I’m being honest with myself here, why don’t you have your daughter living with you?”

He nodded thoughtfully, “No worries, I’d tell you if you were being too nosy. My wife and I were married right out of high school, six years ago. Last November, and awful storm caught us on the tail end of a road trip out to see my folk in Bridgeport. The car tumbled over and over, killing her almost instantly. I was in a coma for several weeks, unsure whether I was going to live. Cassidy, my daughter, was miraculously unharmed somehow, minus a few scrapes and bruises. My wife’s parent kept her with them, while I was in the hospital. Once I was released, we lived in Twinbrook with them until about two weeks ago. I moved here to help us get a fresh start while Cassidy finishes the school year in the same county. In two weeks, she has spring break coming up, and I’m going to bring her out here to show her our new home.” He had tears in his eyes as he finished, and I bowed my head, unsure of what to say, “I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so sorry for prying.”

Screenshot-221.jpgHe gripped my hands, “Nonsense, ma’am-er Sabrina, you are the first person out here to show me the slightest bit of warmth. Thank you.” I nodded my head before I noticed the time, “I’m so sorry, Justin, but I have to be heading home soon,” I handed him a card with my number on it, “If I am to be so bold, if you ever need a friend, please don’t hesitate to call. I’d love to meet your daughter.”

Screenshot-226We parted ways, and I left with a spring in my step, happy to have made a new friend. when I got home, my mom planted a kiss on my cheek before handing me several handwritten notes. I flipped through them hastily,  “What are these?” My mother sighed, “Those are phone message taken by me, your father and Ethan, several times from lover-boy, Nicolai.” I shook my head, “I’m so sorry, Mom, I’ll get him to stop calling here, okay?” She nodded before putting her hands on my shoulders, “Hon, I know you’re a sweet girl and afraid of being hurt….but is there a possibility that you’re stringing this guy along? He  clearly cares for you.” I shook my head, “No way. In fact, I ended it today, I told him that we needed to cool off for awhile. I’ll talk to him again.” She hugged me before going back to the kitchen, “I’m here if you need to talk, hon.”

I sighed heavily as I flopped onto my bed, why did this casual dating thing have to be so complicated? Suddenly feeling very exhausted, I fell asleep while trying to push thoughts of my talk with Justin out of my head.









1.8 Fight or Flight…or Stay??

gen1-coverSabrina’s P.O.V


I sat across from Nicolai on the soft picnic blanket, my heart trying to ram it’s way out of my chest. He cleared his throat,before reaching for my hand, I pulled it away sharply, my face burning bright red, “I am so sorry. I am not repulsed by you. In fact I am the opposite of repulsed by you, but that’s not my point. I’m just a little gun shy, it’s been awhile since I dated, and my last boyfriend was pretty serious.” He chuckled before rubbing the back of his neck, “Okay, well I’m glad I’m not repulsive. Should I give you a warning before I try to make a move?” I giggled nervously, “No, no, please, I’m okay. I just over reacted. I’m fine.” He shrugged before offering me more of the fruit salad. Screenshot-194We made some more small chit chat as the sun made it’s way across the sky. He was surprisingly easy to talk to. He offered his hand, “Can I show you something?” I let him lead me to the edge of the lake as the sun began to sink slowly down. He leaned in close and whispered, “Get ready…” I turned to look at him as he scooped me up and twirled me around, dancing to the music of the crickets and the frogs. I laughed until my belly ached. We were both breathless as we made our way back to the blanket.Screenshot-198


He sat down and patted his lap, “I promise I don’t bite.” I smiled before resting comfortably on him. I draped my arms over his shoulders before sighing, “I should let you know, before this goes too far, I have no intention of getting serious with you right away. Don’t get me wrong, this date is amazing, but like I said earlier, I’m  still recovering from my  ex-boyfriend. He nodded his head, “Hey, don’t feel bad. I get it, and I’m not really the ‘settling down’ type. Your man really did a number on you, eh?” I shook my head, “You have  no idea.”  He reached up and pushed my hair behind my ears, “I’m sorry that he didn’t realize what a catch he had.” He placed a gentle kiss on my cheek and I used all of my willpower to stop from running away.Screenshot-199

Instead, I stood up abruptly, and backed away skittishly. He stood up too, picking up the picnic stuff, “C’mon, it’s getting dark. I’ll give you a ride home.” I wished I knew him well enough to read his expressions, but I was too busy kicking myself. Before I knew what was happening, I stood in front of him, draped my arms over his shoulders, and brought my lips to his, hoping he would understand. I felt him grin as our lips parted, and he pulled me closer, barely coming up for air. I sighed breathily afterwards, “Okay, you can take me home now.”Screenshot-201

He walked to the front door, and I leaned in for a goodnight kiss. I put my hands on his shoulders, “I want to clear the air before you leave. Just because I’m not looking for anything serious, does not mean I don’t want to see you again, okay?” He took my hand and kissed it, “I had a great time, Sabrina. You will be hearing from me again.” With that, I opened the door, smiling the entire way to my room. I stared at myself in the mirror, after I had showered off, unable to reconcile this person standing before me with the person I was just a few months ago. I shake my head, and slip into my pajamas, sleeping more soundly than I have in months.

1.7 Practically Strangers

Gen1 Cover.jpg

~Lauryn/Sabrina’s P.O.V~

screenshot-166I have a mom, a real mom, one who loves me and bakes cookies and made scrapbooks of my first year. I sat on the couch in disbelief, my parents sitting across from me, hardly containing their excitement. I nodded my head as they made light conversation, why I was so numb inside. Shouldn’t I be just as excited as they were? I shook my head slightly, and refocused on the conversation.

My mom laid her hand on my knee, “Would you like to see your room?”

I nodded, not sure what to expect, but she led the way down the hall, she stopped before the closed door, “I haven’t stepped in here since the night you were taken from us. Walter comes in here every now and then to open the windows, so it doesn’t get musty…”

She trailed off as she pushed open the door. I took in the sights and smells of a beautiful nursery…. my nursery. I started crying as memories of Christopher’s nursery plans filled my head.

My mom wrapped her arms around me, “I know we’re practically strangers, but if you need to talk, feel free to speak honestly, don’t spare our feelings. We’re just happy that you’re alive, honey.”screenshot-170

I broke down into harsh sobs, “Uh…a few months ago, I…*sob* was pregnant…my boyfriend..*sob*….got really drunk….and he shot me. He missed my heart..*sob* but he hit my stomach..”

She pulled me into her arms, “Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry.”

She held me tight until I stopped trembling. I soaked up the comfort, not used to having a mother who actually took care of me. She sighed, “So, how would like your room to look?” I looked at her quizzically before she laughed, “What I’m trying to say, is that our door is open if you want to stay a night every now and then, or even come live with us. But we know that that’s a big adjustment, so however you want to work it.”

I nodded my head, “Uhh…can I think about it? It’s a lot to consider…” She laughed before nodding excitedly.

We parted ways that night, as I headed for the hotel they insisted on putting me up in. I laid on the bed, big tears rolling down my face. I had so many emotions swirling around but the more I learned about them, the more I hated my mom, ugh…I mean my kidnapper. I called her after I had finished crying, and left her a voicemail, saying she could find her car at the nearest impound.

screenshot-190I hung up and took a much-needed soak in the tub. I flipped through the baby book that Vanessa, my mom, had sent with me. I traced my face in the picture, jealous of how happy she looked. I was determined to be that happy again. I packed my bag, left the hotel and found myself back on their doorway.

My dad opened the door and look concerned, “Honey, are you okay?” I found myself smiling ear to ear, “I have been robbed of too much time from you all. I want to move in and make the most of the new memories we can make. If that’s okay with you guys.”

He pulled me in and gave me a big hug, “Sweetheart, you don’t know how happy that makes me.”

I giggled and my mom appeared next to me, so I chose that moment to address them both, “Guys, I know you’ve been confused as to what to call me, because to you I’m Sabrina, and to me, I’ve been Lauryn for the last 18 years that I can remember, but I want to put Lauryn in the past. From now on I am Sabrina Daisy Quinn.” My mom’s eyes filled with tears and we hugged again, my dad encircling the both of us.

screenshot-165My brother, Ethan, who had yet to show any interest in me was on the couch playing the newest R.E.F.U.G.E. game. I grabbed the other controller, “Mind if I join?”

He looked at me, his eyes wide, “You play this game?”

I shrugged, “Not this game specifically, but at the shelter I was staying, they had this game system. I loved to play My Sims Go!.”

He laughed, and he showed me the basics. We were both in the heat of competitive driving while Mom made a delicious smelling dinner. Dad settled on the couch with his paper. Ethan shook his head in defeat when were done, and we gathered at the table for dinner.

My dad broke up the monotonous sounds of the silverware scraping the plates, “So, Sabrina, if you don’t have any plans this weekend, your mother and I thought we’d celebrate your return by having a family day at the Sunny Seashell Spa. We own a cabana there part time.” I nodded, thinking that it sounded perfect.

screenshot-180The rest of the week flew by in anticipation of our day at the spa. My mom and I both got deep-tissue massages and pedicures while the guys lounged by the pool. We met up by the pool in the afternoon. My dad and I relaxing on the loungers, while Ethan and my mom swam around. I was deep into a book when I heard a “COWABUNGA!!” With a huge splash, Ethan dove into the pool, smiling impishly when he resurfaced. I splashed him in annoyance, but I couldn’t help but smile. I got out and dried off, while trying to salvage my book. As I was walking back towards the locked room, something, or rather someone, nearly bowled me over, sending me to the floor. I ducked my head in embarrassment, dazed, but alright.

screenshot-187I took the hand offered to help me up, a rich warm voice apologizing, “Oh man, I’m so sorry. Are you okay? Oh crap, you’re bleeding.” I looked down at my knee, “Oh yeah, I guess so.” I looked up at him, and did a double-take, “You-you’re Nikolai Cruz……” He shrugged, “Yeah, but I’m also the guy who just knocked over a beautiful young lady.” I blushed but couldn’t manage to find my words. I was standing in front of Nikolai Cruz, world-renowned singer, famous for the hit song, “You’ve Got My Heart”. I stuttered before he gestured to my knee, “You should get that checked out…….” I sputtered, “Oh, uh, I’m Laur-I mean, I’m Sabrina.” I laughed nervously but he tugged my arm and led me to the first aid station. He stood near me while the on-call nurse cleaned my leg and put a bandage on it. I thanked her before turning to Nikolai, “Mr.Cruz, you really didn’t have to stay. I’m really alright. I’m sorry to take up your time.” He laughed before kissing my hand, “Please, call me Nikolai, and why don’t you make it up to me by having dinner with me next weekend?” I blushed, completely nervous, but I found myself agreeing……..

What in the world did I get myself into?