Generation 2 Sneak Peek


*Drum roll please!* The generation 2 heir is………..Ryan!!!! So here’s a sneak peek into his generation 🙂

The bars rang in Ryan’s ears as they clanged shut behind him. Oliver sneered from across the table, “You weren’t in court this morning. You didn’t hear the judge sentence me to 15 freakin’ years in this jail, man. When you really know that the only reason I’m in here is because of you!”

Ryan’s eyes widened in anger as his voice grew low and threatening, “You shut your damn mouth, Oliver. You were the one who sold the tainted meth. You were the one who gave it to those teens from around the block. You may as well have shot them in the head, because it’s your fault that they died! You’re lucky to have only been sentenced to 15 years. So how can you possibly blame this entire freakin’ mess on me?”

Screenshot-453Just as Ryan was about to walk out, Oliver’s low whisper met his ears, “I know it was you.”

Almost against his will, Ryan answered, “What the hell are you talking about, man?”

“I know it was you who told the cops where my stash house was. You told them where I was hiding out, and you gave up my crew. You’d better watch out.”

Ryan sneered, “Is that a threat?”

Oliver’s eyes grew more serious than angry, “No, Ry, it’s a warning to be careful. Just because you’re my brother, doesn’t mean they won’t get revenge.”

Ryan sighed heavily, “You’re right, Oliver. I did tell them, but only because the police threatened to come after Mom and Dad, Cassidy and Chris,….everyone. I couldn’t let them drag our name through the mud. I’m sorry.”

Oliver had a single tear run down his face, “Ryan, we’re good. I’m sorry that you had to get mixed up in all of this.”

Ryan smiled slightly, “You keep your head straight in here, bro. I can take care of myself.”

Screenshot-454The brothers shared a look that spoke volumes and yet nothing at all. Finally, Oliver broke the silence, “I know I’m in no place to ask for any favors, but I have something to tell you.” He waited for Ryan to nod before continuing, “Last year, before we turned 23, I hooked up with this strung out junkie, who couldn’t afford my price. She offered, uh, other types of goods,”

Ryan cleared his throat uncomfortably, “Move on, bro.”

“Anyways, about 2 months ago, this girl shows up, in tears, with a baby on her hip. She said it’s mine, and to be honest, the baby had my eyes.”

“Dude, you have a baby?! Mom’s gonna flip!”

“I know, I know, man, but if it’s mine, I’m not going to see the kid for 15 years. So here’s where my favor comes in; would you mind checking in on the kid for me every once in a while?”

Ryan shook his head before he heard himself agreeing, “Sure. I’ll check in every now and then. Do you even know this chick’s name?”

Oliver smiled, “Talia something or other, lives on the edge of Bridgeport with her brother, Rafe.”

“Dude! You slept with Rafe’s sister?! He’s the one with the most to lose now that you’re in jail.”

Screenshot-459When Ryan trudged in the front door that night, brushing the snow off of his shoulders. He tossed a freezer meal into the microwave, plopping heavily down in his chair. He put his head in his hands, trying to get the image of some helpless baby out there growing up in the slums of Bridgeport. When Ryan climbed into bed that night, he vowed to track down that kid and make sure he was being cared for.


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I am an avid simmer and I have been playing sims for years. My blogs are stories containing images taken in the sims 3.

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