1.21 Hormones, Hormones, Everywhere


~Sabrina’s P.O.V~

Hey y’all, this chapter is shorter than the others, but I’ll be posting the next chapter in the next few days, so hopefully that makes up for it! ❤

Screenshot-395Trying to sleep in the hospital is nearly impossible. I had nurses check on me all throughout the night, checking my blood pressure, taking my temperature, and changing my iv. When morning finally came, I gave up on trying to get comfortable, so I shuffled down the hall to see Justin. I sat down with a heavy sigh, “I’m sorry for pressuring you, hon. I know you’re going to need time to recover. I shouldn’t have been so upset.” I kissed his forehead, gasping softly when his eyes fluttered open. He blinked, obviously very confused, and groaned, “Sabrina?”

Tears ran down my face as I nodded, “Yeah, it’s me baby.”

“Where am I? What happened?”

I moved closer to him and began to rub his forehead, “You were shot, twice, at our wedding three months ago.”

He grunted, “Are you ok?”

I kissed him, “I’m perfectly fine, Justin. You focus on getting your strength back, alright?”

I stood up, straightening the end of his bed. I glanced over at him, his eyes as big as saucers, and he stuttered, “Are…are you…pr-pregnant?”

I put a protective hand over my middle, “Yes. I’m about 5 months along……with twins.”

His smile stretched from ear to ear, and I nodded, “Cassidy is really excited, she really wants to help decorate the nursery. Cassidy! I have to go call my mom and have her bring the girls down here.”

Screenshot-396My mom promised to bring the girls as soon as they had finished breakfast. An hour later, Cassidy ran over to Justin, tears running down both of their faces. She clung to him for several minutes, both quietly sobbing. I knelt next to Cassidy, one hand on her back, one hand clutching Justin’s. She quieted a little, sobs still shaking her frame, “I thought I was going to lose you, Daddy.”

He grinned through his tears, “No way are you getting rid of me that easily, sweetheart.” He groaned as he lifted his arm up and stroked her hair. I pulled the chair closer to his bed, pulling Cassidy into my lap. We filled him in on everything he’d missed while he laid there and listened to us After an hour or so, I could tell he was fading. I held his hand, “Get some rest, honey. We’ll be back later tonight, okay?” He nodded weakly. Cassidy threw her arms around him, kissing his cheek. I did the same and took her by the hand.

We went down the hall, into my room. I laid on my bed, letting Cassidy feel the babies kick. She sat down on the bed next to me, “Will Daddy get to come home today, too?”

Screenshot-397.jpgI laughed as the babies kicked really big, “I don’t think so hon. Daddy has to build up his strength. His muscles are weak from not moving in a while. Don’t fret though, because I am busting out of here today.”

She leaned forward, laying her head onto my belly, “I can’t wait for the babies to be here.”

I nodded, whispering softly, “Me too.”

Once I was cleared to leave the hospital, we went upstairs to say goodbye to Justin. As I kissed him goodbye, he whispered, “Baby, I know that you’re going to want to visit every day, but I know how busy you must be, being a single mom right now, okay? Visit me when you can, but don’t feel like you have to be here every day.”

I put my forehead up against his, “For three months, I’ve waited for you to wake up. There is nothing that I need to do that is more important than you. I want to visit you while I can, in case I get put on bedrest.”

Screenshot-394A little less than a month later, we got to bring Justin home. Cassidy opened the front door while I pushed Justin inside. He was growing stronger every day, but he still had a long road ahead of him. As he settled in on the couch in the living room, I sat down and put my feet in his lap, “Okay, Cassidy it’s your turn to choose the movie and I’m putting you on popcorn duty. Esther, go get a blanket for Mommy and Daddy, please.” I turned to Justin, “As for you, sweet husband of mine, you’re on foot rub duty.”

He wiggled his eyebrows mischievously, “But Sabrina, my hands aren’t strong enough yet.”

I wiggled my toes, “Nice try, mister, but you’re going to build your strength back somehow.”

Cassidy came back, and before I knew it, the movie had started. Esther curled up in my lap, sort of. It was getting harder to hold her now that the babies were growing. I must’ve dozed off, because the next thing I knew, the movie was over, Cassidy had gone upstairs to bed and Esther was fast asleep on my chest. I stretched and tried to get up without waking her up, but it was pointless, I could barely get up on my own these days, let alone carry a toddler up the stairs. I caught Justin’s gaze and noticed his smirk. I playfully threw a pillow at his head before I made a blanket nest on the floor for Esther. Once she was all settled, I leaned against Justin, “I’d offer to carry you up the stairs babe, but uh I don’t think that’s an option right now.” He laughed, “Help me fold the couch into a bed, and we’ll call it good enough for now, okay?”














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3 thoughts on “1.21 Hormones, Hormones, Everywhere”

  1. Ooh, there is another one coming? Can’t wait!
    I’m so happy that Justin is sort of back and that he eventually woke up. What a relief for Sabrina and the girls. It’s still hard, but she can talk to him and he’ll respond now. Good news.


  2. I’m so happy Justin’s awake now! Yay!
    Absolutely loved how his first thought after hearing he’d been shot was whether or not Sabrina was okay. And that picture of Cassidy listening to Sabrina’s tummy was too adorable. ❤


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