1.8 Fight or Flight…or Stay??

gen1-coverSabrina’s P.O.V


I sat across from Nicolai on the soft picnic blanket, my heart trying to ram it’s way out of my chest. He cleared his throat,before reaching for my hand, I pulled it away sharply, my face burning bright red, “I am so sorry. I am not repulsed by you. In fact I am the opposite of repulsed by you, but that’s not my point. I’m just a little gun shy, it’s been awhile since I dated, and my last boyfriend was pretty serious.” He chuckled before rubbing the back of his neck, “Okay, well I’m glad I’m not repulsive. Should I give you a warning before I try to make a move?” I giggled nervously, “No, no, please, I’m okay. I just over reacted. I’m fine.” He shrugged before offering me more of the fruit salad. Screenshot-194We made some more small chit chat as the sun made it’s way across the sky. He was surprisingly easy to talk to. He offered his hand, “Can I show you something?” I let him lead me to the edge of the lake as the sun began to sink slowly down. He leaned in close and whispered, “Get ready…” I turned to look at him as he scooped me up and twirled me around, dancing to the music of the crickets and the frogs. I laughed until my belly ached. We were both breathless as we made our way back to the blanket.Screenshot-198


He sat down and patted his lap, “I promise I don’t bite.” I smiled before resting comfortably on him. I draped my arms over his shoulders before sighing, “I should let you know, before this goes too far, I have no intention of getting serious with you right away. Don’t get me wrong, this date is amazing, but like I said earlier, I’m  still recovering from my  ex-boyfriend. He nodded his head, “Hey, don’t feel bad. I get it, and I’m not really the ‘settling down’ type. Your man really did a number on you, eh?” I shook my head, “You have  no idea.”  He reached up and pushed my hair behind my ears, “I’m sorry that he didn’t realize what a catch he had.” He placed a gentle kiss on my cheek and I used all of my willpower to stop from running away.Screenshot-199

Instead, I stood up abruptly, and backed away skittishly. He stood up too, picking up the picnic stuff, “C’mon, it’s getting dark. I’ll give you a ride home.” I wished I knew him well enough to read his expressions, but I was too busy kicking myself. Before I knew what was happening, I stood in front of him, draped my arms over his shoulders, and brought my lips to his, hoping he would understand. I felt him grin as our lips parted, and he pulled me closer, barely coming up for air. I sighed breathily afterwards, “Okay, you can take me home now.”Screenshot-201

He walked to the front door, and I leaned in for a goodnight kiss. I put my hands on his shoulders, “I want to clear the air before you leave. Just because I’m not looking for anything serious, does not mean I don’t want to see you again, okay?” He took my hand and kissed it, “I had a great time, Sabrina. You will be hearing from me again.” With that, I opened the door, smiling the entire way to my room. I stared at myself in the mirror, after I had showered off, unable to reconcile this person standing before me with the person I was just a few months ago. I shake my head, and slip into my pajamas, sleeping more soundly than I have in months.


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I am an avid simmer and I have been playing sims for years. My blogs are stories containing images taken in the sims 3.

4 thoughts on “1.8 Fight or Flight…or Stay??”

  1. Oh yeah, Sabrina’s getting back out there. *does goofy looking happy dance*
    I’m liking Nicolai so far, he seems pretty understanding and non-pushy. I’m also interested to see how this “Nothing Serious” thing goes.
    You have no idea how happy it made me when Sabrina was upfront with her intentions instead of play silly little games lol. ❤



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